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Economical Battery Test Equipment : MCB Series

MCB Series : Economical Battery Test Equipment


MCB is the economical battery test equipment used by laboratory and startup companies. It offers experiment-grade output/measurement precision and rapid data recording that can help users evaluate battery performance. In additional to operate each channel independently, the system can support parallel connections among channels to increase the flexibility of current output. Equipped with an user-friendly operating software, it is easy to operate and has advanced reporting and data analysis capabilities. With limited budget, the system is considered a good value.

  • 0.03% voltage output accuracy; 0.04% current output accuracy.
  • 100ms data recording speed.
  • BMS data collector, auxiliary temperature, auxiliary voltage, chamber and other accessories are available.
BMS data collector: SMBus, I2C, HDQ, CANBus, ModBus
Discharge to 0V
ModelMCB Series
AC PowerCustomized According To Client Needs
Loading Range
2~100V* (Option: Discharge to 0V)
Constant Voltage
5, 20, 60, 100V*
16 bit
± 0.03% F.S.
Constant Current
±3, ±5, ±10, ±20, ±30, ±50, ±100,
±200, ±300, ±400, ±500, ±1000A*
16 bits
± 0.04% F.S.
Constant Power
Depend on spec
16 bit
± 0.07% F.S.
±1°C (-40~90°C)
Data Recording Time100ms
Communication InterfaceEthernet
Ambient23°C±2°C; 20~90 HR
Optional FeaturesDCIR Measurement, ACIR Measurement, Parallel Connections between Channels, BMS & Gas Gauge Data collection and Software linked, SOH Evaluation, Chamber Integration, Data Analysis Software, Automatic / Semi-automatic Start
BMS & Gas Gauge Data Collector, Auxiliary Voltage, Auxiliary Temperature, Chamber, Customized Fixture, Auto-Calibrator, Barcode Scanner, Buzzer

*Accept customized request

Spec.Voltage (V)Current (A)
MCB 5V/3A53
MCB 5V/5A55
MCB 5V/10A510
MCB 5V/20A520
MCB 5V/30A530
MCB 5V/50A550
MCB 5V/100A5100
MCB 5V/200A5200
MCB 5V/300A5300
MCB 5V/400A5400
MCB 5V/500A5500
MCB 5V/1000A51000
MCB 20V/5A205
MCB 20V/10A2010
MCB 20V/20A2020
MCB 20V/30A2030
MCB 60V/10A6010
MCB 60V/15A6015
MCB 60V/20A6020
MCB 60V/30A6030
MCB 60V/60A6060
MCB 60V/80A6080
MCB 60V/100A60100
MCB 60V/200A60200
MCB 60V/300A60300
MCB 60V/500A60500
MCB 100V/100A100100
MCB 100V/200A100200
MCB 100V/300A100300
MCB 100V/500A100500

Advanced Data Analysis

With advanced data analysis feature, a variety of test data presentations could be adjusted according to the needs of researchers, such as text and graphical reports, self-defined X and Y-axis parameters on graphs and graphs zoom-in / zoom-out. It also helps researchers to easily analyze the data from cycle test. Data from each cycle can be superimposed and drew on a single chart to produce a lifecycle test report. Evaluating test results and finding variation are easy! Moreover, test data can be exported in csv format and manipulated in the third-party software that researchers are familiar with, improving the data usability.

SOH (State of Health) Evaluation

SOH evaluation feature helps researchers assess the SOH of used batteries in a more comprehensive way. Instead of solely capacity, 8 different parameters for battery cell/ 6 different parameters for battery pack are considered and measured while running SOH evaluation test, which provides a more precise result for researchers.

BMS/ Gas Gauge Data Collector GDA 300 Series

GDA 300 records the static/ dynamic parameters of the BMS in energy/ power batteries. It supports SMBus, I2C, HDQ, Modbus, CANbus and other communication protocols that are commonly used in energy and power batteries, and it is scalable. With GDA 300, users are allowed to define customized parameters as step cutoff condition while running battery test. Additional parameters can also be defined by researchers to collect and analyze advanced data.

ModelGDA 300 Series
Applicable Communication InterfaceSMBus, I2C, HDQ, CANBus, ModBus
Max. Channels128
Dimension (mm)117W*61D*24H
Weight (g)250

Auxiliary Voltage/ Auxiliary Temperature

Auxiliary voltage and auxiliary temperature are for collecting the voltage and temperature data of a single cell in the battery pack. Collected data can be used as step cutoff conditions while running the battery test, improving the flexibility of the production line and laboratory.

ES-100B Auxiliary Voltage
Measurement Range±64V, ±32V, ±8V
Measurement Resolution16 bit
Measurement Accuracy0.02% F.S.
Data Recording Time100ms (24ch)
Auxiliary TemperatureET-100BET-100C
Measurement Range-50~125°C*-265~1260°C*
Measurement Resolution0.1 °C0.001°C
Measurement Accuracy±1°C (-40~90°C)±0.1°C
Data Recording Time24ch/100ms4ch/s
Supported typeThermistorThermocouple, RTD, Thermister, Diode

*Depend on chosen thermal sensors

Universal/ Customized Fixture

According to customer requests, CTE provides a variety of universal fixtures and customized fixtures.The universal fixture is specially designed for cylindrical and prismatic batteries. It is suitable for a wide range of battery specifications, and can be adjusted by customers to work with the batteries to be tested. The non-base plate design allows the battery to be lifted, reducing the thermal impact on battery test. Moreover, the removable battery compartment also makes changing battery convenient and flexible. For customized fixtures, please contact Chen Tech Electric.

Universal Fixture ApplicationCylindrical and Prismatic Batteries
Suitable Battery Size (mm)18~100W*52D*55H
Number of Battery Holders4~24
Loadable CurrentUnder 40A
Outer Frames
Battery Box
Stainless Steel
Size (mm)
Main Body
Battery Box

Auto Calibrator ACP2 Series

ACP is especially designed to improve the efficiency and precision of calibration for CTE test equipment. It is applicable for CTE equipment with maximum voltage under 20V and maximum current lower than 100A. Its flexible and scalable design can be expanded to include up to 8 meters, thus ACP is capable of calibrating 8 testing channels simultaneously, which greatly reduces labor cost and time. Also, removable shunts and meters are built-in, making it easy to calibrate and maintain.

ModelACP2 L SeriesACP2 N SeriesACP2 M SeriesACP2 B Series
AC PowerAC 110/ 220VAC 110/ 220VAC 110/ 220VAC 110/ 220V
Applicable SpecUnder 20V/ 1AUnder 20V/ 3~20AUnder 20V/ 20~50AUnder 20V/ 50~100A


We collaborate with several 3-rd party chamber manufacturers such as Espec, Terchy, Giant Force, and TATO, and integrate their products into our system. Thus, users are capable of controlling chamber directly with iBest software.