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Lithium Battery State of Health (SOH) Rapid Evaluation Solution

Lithium Battery State of Health (SOH) Rapid Evaluation Solution


「Lithium Battery State of Health (SOH) Rapid Evaluation Solution」

Lithium Battery State of Health (SOH) Rapid Evaluation Solution is a user-friendly platform.
It aims to find out the SOH of new/ used batteries and estimate their remaining life,
and the data can be used as references for determining their future applications.

Suitable for the following industries

  • EV battery manufacturers:
    To sort batteries into groups according to their performances,
    or to evaluate retired batteries’ state of health/ remaining life.
  • End product provider:
    To ensure battery quality during incoming quality control and
    get recommended configuration of battery module composition.
  • Retired EV battery recycling companies:
    To evaluate retired batteries’ state of health.
  • Retired EV battery repurposing companies:
    To understand the state of health of all reused battery cells,
    so the performances of 2nd life application can be secured.


  • Customization:
    According to clients’ requests,
    CTE is capable of modifying the weighting of each battery performance indicator,
    so the results of SOH evaluation will fit the requirements of applications better.
  • Rapid Test:
    As long as the aging model and SOC distribute model are built, battery SOH can be evaluated within 30 seconds, which significantly reduces inspection time spent on used EV battery examination.
  • High Precision:
    Initially, the precision of all battery performance indicators is up to 92%.
    By continuously updating database and optimizing SOH model, the precision would improve accordingly.
  • Mobile Operation:
    The SOH Evaluation test can be executed through mobile devices,
    such as mobile phones and tablets, which significantly enhances user experiences.
Comprehensive indicators
Rapid evaluation
High Precision
Big Data Analysis
Artificial intelligence
ModelSBT 1000 Series
AC PowerCustomized According To Client Needs
Loading Range
60V and less
200Ah and less
Test Time/ per Battery<60s
Daily Capacity*1720 pcs/CH
Modeling Time12~25 Days
Max. Charge/ Discharge SpecDepend on Spec
Cell Voltage Measurement*2
Max Voltage
±0.02% F.S. (±1.6mV)
±0.02% F.S.
Depend on Spec
±0.02% F.S.
Depend on Spec
Ambient23°C±2°C; 20~90 HR
Communication InterfaceEthernet
AccessoryBarcode Scanner、 Barcode Printer

*Accept customized request

ModelVoltage(V)Current (A)
SBT 1000 5V/5A55
SBT 1000 5V/10A510
SBT 1000 30V/50A3050
SBT 1000 30V/100A30100
SBT 1000 30V/150A30150
SBT 1000 30V/200A30200
SBT 1000 60V/50A6050
SBT 1000 60V/100A60100
SBT 1000 60V/150A60150
SBT 1000 60V/200A60200

Application-based SOH Model Development

The formula of the battery has a critical impact on its performances.
Thus, to achieve highly precious SOH evaluation and successful EV battery repurposing,
SOH model should be modified according to battery formula. Moreover,
the accuracy of the model also depends on the number of golden samples (around 5~50)
and time spent on model development (around 1~6 months). In general,
CTE SOH evaluation model reaches a precision of 92% when it is initially built.

Rapid Test in 60 Seconds

Applying high power, rapid data acquisition,
and signal transient response analysis techniques into SOH model development,
it takes merely 60 seconds to evaluate battery SOH and reminding life.

Comprehensive Evaluation Results

The preliminary results of SOH evaluation consist of multiple battery performance indicators.
However, based on different end applications,
CTE will adjust the weighting of each indicator and then generate a comprehensive and brief evaluation result to meet specific performance requirements for the applications.

Performance Indicators Used for SOH Evaluation


Quality Assurance

The solution is capable of rapidly and precisely evaluating the performances of numerous batteries.
Also, the reports will be generated automatically,
which significantly increase the working efficiency and decrease workers’ burden in QA department.

Used Batteries Repurposing

The solution is capable of rapidly determining the residual values of used batteries in different 2nd life applications,
which significantly reduce time and cost used for testing and analysis.

Use Scenario


Optional Accessories/ Features

Automatic/ Semi-automatic start feature facilitates battery SOH tests and provides operation flexibility to the users.
Also, it allows users to effectively track evaluation results and could generate associated reports automatically.









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