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Eco Series – Power Battery Pack Test Equipment PBT 2000

PBT 2000 Series : Eco Series - Power Battery Pack Test Equipment



PBT 2000 series is specially designed for Electric Vehicle battery test. It rapidly simulates electric vehicle in actual on-road driving conditions and obtains the performance of battery operation to ensure its applicability. The discharge energy during the testing is effectively recycled to improve electrical efficiency and reduce the burden of air-conditioning in the testing environment.

  • Max. output is 500kW/1000V/2000A.
  • The discharged energy recycling efficiency is able to reach up to 95%.
  • Built-in FUDS, DST, HPPC and many other international drive simulation testing standards, also supports custom drive cycles profile.
  • Possesses the dual functionality for performing battery testing and battery simulations.
  • Supports 2 ranges of current output and measurements.
  • PC control and panel control dual-mode operations, touch controls are supported by panel operation.
  • Meets EN ISO 13849-1 performance level D.
High power output
Discharged energy recycling
Multiple Current Ranges
Charge and discharge rapid switch
Dual control modes
Drive simulation
BMS data collector
Touch operation
ModelPBT 2000 Series
AC PowerCustomized According To Client Needs
Power Factor> 0.99
Depend on Spec
16 bit
± 0.1% F.S.
Constant Current
Maximum Charge/Discharge Current
Depend on Spec
2 (Option)
16 bit
± 0.1% F.S.
Data Recording Time100ms (Option:10ms)
Switch Time between Charge and Discharge<2ms
Drive SimulationFUDS, DST ,HPPC, Custom Patterns
Bidirectional Converter EfficiencyUp to 95%
Communication InterfaceEthernet
Optional FeaturesConstant Resistance、DCIR Measurement、ACIR Measurement、BMS & Gas Gauge Data Collection、Chamber Integration、Data Analyzer、Parallel Connections among Channels
AccessoryBMS & Gas Gauge Data Collector、Auxiliary Voltage、Auxiliary Temperature、Chamber、Battery Connecting Cable、Parallel Connection Module、Power Distribution Switch Box、Power Distribution Unit

*Accept customized request

ModelPower (kW)Voltage(V)Current (A)ModelPower (kW)Voltage(V)Current (A)
PBT 2000 300-60-20060300200PBT 2000 1000-160-100016010001000
PBT 2000 300-60-60060300600PBT 2000 600-250-600250600600
PBT 2000 300-60-1000603001000PBT 2000 600-250-10002506001000
PBT 2000 300-100-600100300600PBT 2000 800-250-600250800600
PBT 2000 300-100-10001003001000PBT 2000 800-250-10002508001000
PBT 2000 600-100-200100600200PBT 2000 1000-250-6002501000600
PBT 2000 600-100-600100600600PBT 2000 1000-250-100025010001000
PBT 2000 600-100-10001006001000PBT 2000 600-320-600320600600
PBT 2000 800-100-200100800200PBT 2000 600-320-10003206001000
PBT 2000 800-100-600100800600PBT 2000 800-320-600320800600
PBT 2000 800-100-10001008001000PBT 2000 800-320-10003208001000
PBT 2000 1000-100-2001001000200PBT 2000 1000-320-6003201000600
PBT 2000 1000-100-6001001000600PBT 2000 1000-320-100032010001000
PBT 2000 1000-100-100010010001000PBT 2000 600-400-10004006001000
PBT 2000 600-160-600160600600PBT 2000 800-400-10004008001000
PBT 2000 600-160-10001606001000PBT 2000 1000-400-6004001000600
PBT 2000 800-160-200160800200PBT 2000 1000-400-100040010001000
PBT 2000 800-160-600160800600PBT 2000 600-500-10005006001000
PBT 2000 800-160-10001608001000PBT 2000 800-500-10005008001000
PBT 2000 1000-160-2001601000200PBT 2000 1000-500-6005001000600
PBT 2000 1000-160-6001601000600PBT 2000 1000-500-100050010001000

Constant Resistance

DCIR Measurement

High-power battery module DC internal resistance

ACIR Measurement

High-power battery module AC internal resistance

Parallel Connections among Channels

BMS & Gas Gauge Data Collection

During battery modules/ packs testing, the Gas Gauge/ BMS data is retrieved and recorded.
The data obtained can be used as the condition for program step change or providing protection.
1. Supports communication protocols such as SMBus, I2C, HDQ etc. for IT batteries and Modbus, CANBus etc. for power batteries.
2. Supports CAN .dbc file editing and import.

Chamber Integration

The synchronous control of chambers can be achieved during the testing processes.
Temperature and humidity levels can be adjusted to simulate different environments for measuring the battery’s performance.

Data Analysis

With data analysis feature, a variety of test data presentations could be adjusted according to the needs of researchers, such as text and graphical reports, self-defined X and Y-axis parameters on graphs and graphs zoom-in / zoom-out. It also helps researchers to easily analyze the data from cycle test. Data from each cycle can be superimposed and drew on a single chart to produce a lifecycle test report. Evaluating test results and finding variation are easy! Moreover, test data can be exported in csv format and manipulated in the third-party software that researchers are familiar with, improving the data usability.

BMS/ Gas Gauge Data Collector

Records the static/ dynamic parameters of the BMS in energy/ power batteries. It supports SMBus, I2C, HDQ, Modbus, CANbus and other communication protocols that are commonly used in energy and power batteries, and it is scalable. With GDA 300, users are allowed to define customized parameters as step cutoff condition while running battery test. Additional parameters can also be defined by researchers to collect and analyze advanced data.

ModeliBox - GGDA-300
CH/ per Unit8CH4CH
CH/ per System256CH128CH
Mechanism DesignRack/ PortableRack/ Portable
Communication Protocols (Battery)SMBus/ I2C / HDQ SMBus/ I2C / HDQ
Communication Protocols (PC)Ethernet/ WifiRS-485
Communication Speed2Sec / 8CH*5Sec / 16CH
Number of parameters4747
Temperature Classification0~60°C0~60°C
SBS WriteYesYes
Gauge ConditionYesYes

*iBox-G only

Auxiliary Voltage/ Auxiliary Temperature

Auxiliary voltage and auxiliary temperature are for collecting the voltage and temperature data of a single cell in the battery pack. Collected data can be used as step cutoff conditions while running the battery test, improving the flexibility of the production line and laboratory.

ModelAuxiliary Voltage ES-100B
Measurement Range±64V,±32V,±8V
Measurement Resolution16 bit
Accuracy0.02% F.S.
Data Recording Time100ms (24CH)
ModelAuxiliary Temperature ET-100B
Measurement Range*-50°C~125°C
Measurement Resolution0.1°C
Accuracy±1°C (-40°C~90°C)
Temperature SensorThermistor
Supported Type103JT
Data Recording Time100ms (24CH)
ModelAuxiliary Temperature ET-100C
Scanning Speed4CH/s (16CH/4s)4CH/s (16CH/4s)4CH/s (16CH/4s)4CH/s (16CH/4s)
Temperature SensorThermocoupleRTDThermistorDiode
Supported TypeType J, K, E, N,

R, S, T, B

PT-10, PT-50, PT-100,

PT-200, PT-500,

PT-1000, NI-120
44004 2.252kΩ,

44005 3kΩ,

44007 5kΩ,

44006 10kΩ,

44008 30kΩ
Measurement Range*-265~800°C-200~800°C-40~150°C-60~130°C

*Depend on chosen thermal sensors


We collaborate with several 3-rd party chamber manufacturers such as Espec, Terchy, Giant Force, and TATO, and integrate their products into our system. Thus, users are capable of controlling chamber directly with iBest software.

Battery Connecting Cable

Parallel Connection Module

Power Distribution Switch Box

Power Distribution Unit

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